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Renovating, Restoring & Refurbishing

Whether it is at the purchase stage or some time afterwards all property owner will want to either spruce up or undertake major renovation to their property.  This could be a simple project such as painting one or a number of rooms or an intricate project that requires planning permission

As we are the number one specialist company for finding Lake Como properties for sale we can help you with your project in a number of ways:

  • Sourcing materials: from paint to match exterior building specifications to a wide range construction materials

  • Information service: from providing advice to Project management

  • Assistance with planning: for projects that require planning permission

  • Professional services: utilising on our network or professionals - artisans (carpenters, plumbers, electricians), legal, financial, architects etc. 

So, when it is time for that spruce up or bigger project then it is time to contact us and we can discuss your requirements

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