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Property Purchase & Management

The service that we offer to all prospective purchasers and clients is second to none.  We tailor our service to meet the needs of each client, by placing you at the centre of all that we do, we can ensure that the service we offer is determined by the individual.

Property Purchase and Management

If a purchaser has seen a property on our website then we will discuss the merits of the property to ensure it fulfils all their needs, only when they are sure that the property is right for them will we proceed with and escort them along every step of the purchase process.

If a purchaser fails to find their perfect property on our website or but has on another website or cannot find it on any other website then we will work with them to find their perfect property.  As market leader in Lake Como’s property market we have built working relationships with other agencies along the lake and so are easily able to help purchasers choose the property that is right for them.  We are aware that certain sellers do not wish to advertise their properties and require a more discrete service, as such there are a number or properties that we have available for sale but are not advertised through our website. So there are a number of alternatives that we can offer to the commonly accepted way of searching for properties via websites.

In general there are 6 types of services that we offer to purchasers and clients, these are listed as options below:

Option 1 – Property Find and Purchase

We will work and with you and our network of agencies and selected individuals to find the perfect property that meet your needs.  Once we have found your property we will then take you step by step through every stage of the purchase process ensuring that you are satisfied at each stage before progressing onto the next.  All documentation will be translated into your preferred language

Option 2 – Property Purchase

We will discuss your requirements and consider the merits of properties that match your requirements.  Once you have selected appropriate properties we will then escort  your around the local areas and to the properties.  We will then follow Option 1 in taking you step by step through the purchase of your property

Option 3 – Property Purchase and Management

If Option 1 or 2 is followed we will if you require manage your property, the extent of this management will be determined by you from a range of services that we can offer including property maintenance, grounds maintenance, preparing the property for you or your guests arrival, opening and closing your property at times that you specify, etc.  The choice of management service is yours, simply discuss with us hat you need and we will create a contract containing your requirements

Option 4 – Property Purchase and Rental

Once you have purchased your property (option 1 or 2) if you decide to rent your property then we can offer you a number of options, ranging from management by a specialised rental management company to key collection at our office in Lenno.  Again the choice is yours and we will discuss the type of rental agreement that you would need

Option 5 – Property Improvements

We offer a range of services that will include any type of property improvement that you require.  Our reputation has enabled us to create an extensive network which include architects, builders, roofers, project managers etc., etc., as the saying goes ‘no job is too small’ or large for that matter.

Option 6 – Property Sales

If as some clients you decide to sell your property (clients want to sell in order to purchase another property).  We will market your property not only on our website but on overseas website portals ensuring that your property has a global reach.  As with the above options we will escort you through every stage of the selling process
In addition to the above options we are able to provide contacts with financiers, set up Standing Orders/Direct Debits, calculate year IMU (tax) payments etc.

We are the number one specialist site for finding Lake Como properties for sale.

Finally, if you require a service that cuts across two or more of the above options or there is a service that is not listed please ask us so that we can tailor our service to meet your needs to ensure

Every Expectation Exceeded

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