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Back To School

Three words that many children dread to hear but as we all know is a fact of life!  In Italy it is no different and whilst schools in England tend to start within the first week of September, but for Italian children it is usually the second week and this year it is 12th of September.Some might see the Italian school education system as a bit archaic represented by their dour school facades and old fashioned classrooms, but at Lake Como things are changing and new schools are being built. 

Menaggio and Ossuccio are prime examples with these new larger schools built to accommodate children from wider catchment areas than in previous years. These bright new education establishments complement the September sun and are in direct contrast to their older counterparts which are more representative of the winter months and would make excellent locations for Halloween parties. So, well done Menaggio and Ossuccio for investing in your children's education that will surely benefit your towns Lake Como in general, the future is bright the future is as orange as the setting September sun

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