Springing into life at the Lake

It’s the start of spring at Lake Como and the tourists are beginning to arrive and take in the magnificence of the lake and it’s surroundings


It is the start of the boom in hotel occupancies fuelled on the one hand by the massive furniture exhibition in Milan, and on the other hand the warm weather and longer sunny days at the lake, which attracts visitors like bees to blooming flowers. The furniture exhibition increased occupancy of all the hotels in area with many visitors preferring to spend some time at the lake as well as Milan. Many tourists also took the opportunity to visit Como during the Spring before the start of the summer rush to the lake. The most popular locations are ‘bella’ Bellagio and Isola Comacina both of which attract tourists and VIPs alike. So, it is full steam ahead for the boats crisscrossing the lake and if you are lucky enough and stay at one of the prestigious lakeside hotels then a private boat will take you directly to the entrance of your hotel

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