Saint Valentine’s Day on Como Lake!

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the origins of Saint Valentine’s Day and history suggests it could be attributable to as many as seven men of which the Catholic Church recognises 3 of them – a priest, a bishop and a nameless Saint, two of which could have been the same person. 


Regardless of who Saint Valentine was, 496 is the year that 14th February was declared to be the Feast Day of Saint Valentine

To add a further layer of mystery to this day, some churches recognise Valentine’s Day others do not and 14th February this year is listed in Italian calendars not as Valntines Day but ‘I di Quaresima’ signalling the start of lent in Catholic religion.

So, could it be the uncertainty surrounding who Saint Valentine was is related to why some senders of Valetine’s cards remain a mystery, just like the Saint himself

No doubt Gemma and her team at Gemma Immobiliare will be inundated with masses of Valentines cards from mystery admirers!!


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