€ 210,000

Beautiful apartment with pool in Lenno, Tr 213

apartment 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 1 Garage 70 metres2

Apartment with pool and garden!

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Tr 213 Lenno – This apartment is located in a Residence with pool a few minutes walk from the centre of Lenno.


The apartment has a lounge with kitchen area from which there is an entrance to the private garden.  In addition the apartment has 1 double bedroom and a bathroom.


The apartment also has a garage and access to a pool which is 10 metres from the apartment.

Additional Information

The apartment is being sold FULY FURNISHED


The town of Lenno is approximately 20 kilometres north of Como town and is famed within the area for its Lido with its exclusive beach one of a handful that has sand.

For sports lovers there is ample choice whilst golf and horse riding facilities within 7km and further a field there is windsurfing (20km) and Skiing Resorts (150 km).

The first inhabitants of Lenno date back to the early Roman Empire. In 59 BC Julius Cesar founded a colony of 5000 people, of those, 500 were Greeks from Lemnos ( hence the name Lenno). Between the two forts, Bilacus (now Bellagio) and Lemnos (now Campo di Lenno) lies an area with mor microclimate which allowed the colonists to cultivate crops such as olives from their native Greece.

Quintilio Varo is recorded asnbeing in possession of the forts (Lemnos and Bilacus) in 7BC with the legions XVI-XVII-XVIII stationed there. Having been purely military constructions, they then became a civil residential area, of wich there are still many records. The area’s fame progressively grew until it reached a peak durung the Golden Age when Pliny the Younger built his beloved villas; Tragoedia and Comoedia, nearby.

Campo formed part of the defensive fortification also during the “Ten Years War” between Como and Milan (1118-1127). Allied with Milan it was destroyed in 1119 by the Comaschi.

At the end of 1200, at the top of what was called Via Regina, a new imposing monastery was built later known as Villa Monastero Pax. Half way through the17th cent. and was trasformed into a patricin villa.

The lend registry map record at 1721-1724 show that the area around the building, (which is the main objet of th restoration) is much the same as it is tody. Though, the construction is not yet clear for the internal courtyard. In th registry of Lombardo Veneto 1859-1903 it is possible to read the description of the building materials.

Finally, in the old registry of 1898, there is proof that part of the building was added to with respect to the originl pre-records construction. This often happened as a result of closing connecting sections.

The land registry of the three sections, and an actual map of Campo, shows clearly, that the main building had never been altered since pre-registry times.

It is clear, after much study of the map and overview of the building, that the original property was for the most part, maintained, and additional parts added in later periods.

Added to this survey is photographic record found in the council library of Lenno. We know that at the beginning of 900, thanks to the nearby landing point on the lake, the building used to b an inn and a restaurant.

In the past the height of the roof was substantially different from thet today: the roof was lower with a single pitch with the ridge parallel tothe coast. Unfortunately the façade is nolonger visible, so it is impossible to re-construct the design of the openigs and th balconies. The other photographic evidence found, from 1925, shows that from this period the building gained a particular character which has been maintained until the present day. The balconies are decorated in the style of the time. The single color of the building, shows traces of subsequent decoration that we assume was added in later.

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